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How Are Virtual Reality Videos Made?

Virtual reality or VR videos are very popular thanks to new VR headsets. There are various types of videos made and even porn videos such as those produced by top VR porn sites such as Badoink VR. Here is a bit more about VR videos and what you can expect when viewing them.

About VR Videos

When you watch Virtual reality porn you are watching videos that you access through special VR headsets. You need this type of headset to view the content correctly. When you watch a normal video, you don’t feel like you’re a part of the action on the screen as it seems distant. In VR videos, you actually feel like a part of the scene taking place on the screen so your VR experience is unique. This can be quite intense when watching VR porn as you feel like you are having sex as well as the models.

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Special cameras are used to record the VR content on sites like Czech VR Porn. The videos are captured with special camera rigs that have 360-degree multiple cameras to record the content from all angles. The video is then all stitched together to create the VR video. Applications that use VR are used to help create the final video and edit it. This VR content allows the user to experience a great experience and more immersion in the sex scenes when they watch via their VR headset. There are many different cameras that can be used to create VR content as well as software platforms.

What to Expect with VR Porn Sites

VR porn sites give you a deeper experience when watching porn as you will feel like you’re in the action. There are many different videos you can watch as well as categories of porn to view on sites like and Badoink VR. Most sites update frequently with new content. You will have to pay a subscription fee of around $24-30 per month for most sites so keep that in mind before you signup. Some sites give you free basic VR goggles, but you may want to buy a proper headset like Oculus Rift for a more robust experience.


If you want to watch great VR porn videos check out sites such as Badoink VR, which offers a wide range of excellent virtual reality porn that you’ll enjoy watching.