How to make a homemade movie with your Macbook Pro?

If you are into creating movies or vlogging, you probably have this struggle of where to edit it. There are several video editing software or applications that you can download online. These applications are usually available for free. However, there are some that will charge you for a few dollars. Sometimes, they do a monthly subscription which costs a lot more.

It’s a good thing that Apple has a built-in application for creating a movie which is named iMovie. It is very easy to use, and it will only take less than an hour to edit a movie—depending on the length of the clips. iMovie includes different effects that you can use for editing. Unlike other applications, the functions are only limited to basics. Still, you can create a whole movie using this application.

Here is the step-by-step process on how to make a homemade movie with iMovie:

  1. Select “Create a New Project”

When you open the application, you will find an option on whether you are going to create a movie or a trailer. Click “Movie” then select a theme that best suits your videos. If you want to have it customized on your own, you can select the “No theme” option.

  1. Import your clips

Now, you get to choose which clips will be a part of your movie. This includes the sound and videos you wish to involve.

  1. Arrange them in your timeline

The timeline is where you piece together your clips. Arrange them according to the right sequence. You can use the cut, expand, or split option to adjust the videos.

  1. Add effects

To add life to your film, you can add effects like sound, transitions, or even change the color of the video.

  1. Choose a title

Of course, a film will not be a film without a title. Think of the best title that goes well with your theme. Also, do not forget to add the credits at the end of the movie.

  1. Check everything and share

Once you are finished, you can double check it if you want to edit some more. If you are already satisfied, you can save it already and share your creation to everyone.

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