7 Characteristics Of A Good Explanatory Video

The thing with explainer videos is that they will always be appealing to potential customers since they offer an opportunity to learn something new. We already know that the customer will click on the video, but now it is the creator’s responsibility to hold the interest of the user. Explainer videos are usually a short breakdown of a larger concept. They are informative and entertaining at the same time. An explanation video may serve different purposes for different companies. For example, an explainer video may be used to demonstrate a new product or give a review of a non-profits fundraising activities. All these videos have common elements that should be in place to ensure that the video is successful in accomplishing the company’s goal.

1. A good script

This is the foundation of a good explainer video. The script is not about flowery or prosy writing but about answering all the questions a potential customer has. This is why it may be a good idea to have someone outside of the company help in the preparation of the script. This person may come with ideas on the question outsiders may want answers. The first thing a creator should do is create a creative brief to set out the goals, problems, solutions and the right tone of the video. This helps the creator think about the business as a whole and to determine what is required. Once the creative brief is done, you can now start on writing the actual words to the script. The brief will help you remain on the right course.

2. Keep it short

Most people click on the video hoping to learn something new only to be bombarded by useless facts and information. Additionally, the longer the video is, the less likely the user will remember anything after they finish watching.If you are making the video for your own company, you may be tempted to oversell your company. You should avoid this completely. The video is just meant to hook the customer to want to know more. A useful rule to follow is the 150 words per minute industry standard.

3. Simplicity is key

According to Kissmetrics, an effective explainer video should focus on, the problem, the solution, how it works and Call to action. A good way to keep the video simple is to get a good idea of your target audience. Align the video with the demography you want to reach. It is very rare that your target audience is everyone.

4. Communicate brand value

Instead of listing the features of the product/service, tell the consumer how the product will enrich their lives. For example, instead of saying that a phone has 320GB storage space you can say that the phone has enough storage space for the customer to fit all their favorite music.Simply listing product features will not be effective. Consumers want to know exactly how the product/service will affect their lives.

5. Do not forget the audio

Bad audio can break an explanation video with the best graphics. Find a voiceover with the professional tone required. You may even have to hire someone which is the best option.

6. Keep it fun and entertaining

Explainer videos are not like adverts; they are meant more for entertainment than selling. A fun explanatory video will generate buzz that can boost your business. Everyone wants to be entertained so keep the tone light (but professional) or add a memorable scene in the video like a surprise or twist. This goes a long way in connecting your business with the audience to improve brand loyalty.

7. Use music to set the tone

Music has a powerful effect on human emotions. Folksy music communicates the fun and a whimsical feeling, while orchestral sound invokes drama or excitement. Light electronic music conveys intricate and technical though while ambient tones may transmit curiosity or wonder. Selecting the right tune to accompany your video may make it just right.

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